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another turn signal question !

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hi guys, i have no turn signals at all on my 72 elcamino,i replaced the fuses, flasher, and even the turn signal switch and all the bulbs, i got the flashers working. is there somthing i'm missing to check ?
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Which flasher did you change? The one in the fuseblock or the one under the dash?
It's under the dash. It is plugged into a connector that has about 10 inches of wire on it. Located between the right side of the column and the radio. Could be hiding anywhere. These get bumped around over the years.
Try removing and using the new one that you put into the fuseblock when you locate it. They are both the same.
Pink is the input, purple is the output. Problem is no 12 volts on the pink wire with the key on.
Believe the turn signal fuse is the lower right hand fuse in the block. Might be wrong on that.
Measure both sides of the fuse with your meter. You should have 12 volts on both sides with the key on. If you see 12 volts on both sides of the fuse:
Scratch and "bite" into the fuse clips on each side on the fuse with your probe. Don't touch the metal part of the fuse, only the clips. See if you see 12 volts to ground on each fuse clip. Guessing you won't see it on one side.
"i'm looking at a 72 chevelle wiring diagram and it shows one of the pinks coming from the netural safty switch and one coming from the fuse block ?"

No the pink isn't coming from the Neutral Safety Switch. It's going to a connector on the Neutral Safety Switch. One with a green wire in it. That's the back-up light connector.
Problem is still with that pink line from the fuseblock to the turn signal connector. Maybe a bad crimp joint on the turn signal connector. Try probeing into the wire behind the connector and see if there is 12 volts there (with the key on). After that it sounds like something behind the fuseblock.
Cool. Now you also have power to the back-up light switch.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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