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another turn signal question !

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hi guys, i have no turn signals at all on my 72 elcamino,i replaced the fuses, flasher, and even the turn signal switch and all the bulbs, i got the flashers working. is there somthing i'm missing to check ?
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i changed to one on the fuse block, i didn'y see any other flasher under the dash ! where would it be ?
ok i found it .it was hidding ontop of the brake pedal brace. i changed it with a good flasher and nothing. i turned on the signals and key and my test light shows no power on either the two pink wires going to it or the purple wire going to it .
i have 12 volts on each side of the fuse clips. i'm looking at a 72 chevelle wiring diagram and it shows one of the pinks coming from the netural safty switch and one coming from the fuse block ?
i found that if i put a jumper wire from the pink wire at the flasher to a 12 volt source i have turn signals. or if i put a jumper wire from the pink at the netural switch to the pink at the center of the netural switch i have turn signals. does this mean the netural switch isn't good ?
yea, looks like i'm going to have to look behind the fuse block to see why the fuse isn't putting power to the pink. this might take me a while. thanks for your help,i'll let you know what i find
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i found it. it was rusty clip that held on side of the fuse. i scraped it good and reinstalled the fuse and now i got turn signals ! praise the lord ! thanks for your help. floyd
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