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Another turn signal problem.

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Turn signal on driver side works with lights on or off. I have a new flasher.
Passenger side I have the new bulb front and back. Taillight turn signal works with lights off but not front. Front and back blinker doesn't work with lights on. One of the three prongs that hold the assembly to the taillight is broken off so it's kinda lose. The ground wire is grounded.
Need help for safety inspection.
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Still sounds like a bad ground to the socket. Gain access to the front right turn signal lamp. Turn the headlights on. With a jumper wire touch the bulb base right where the glass meets the base. Touch the other end to a good frame ground. See if the inside signal lamp goes off. If it does, bad ground, bad or dirty socket on the front lamp.
That's what I'm guessing the problem is. Poor ground. No, your car doesn't have a separate ground wire for the front signal/running lights. You will only find the two power wires on the bulb. If the socket is loose it will also act up. Jerry had a few suggestions in this thread on how to clean them up or help improve them.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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