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Well guys, before I get to the question, I want you to know that I truly appreciate all your help and suggestions. More than you will ever know. I have an SBC 400, I installed a Cloyes 3 keyway HEX-A-JUST double roller timing gear set at 4 deg. advanced(it's what was on there beforehand), a Lunati Cam P/N 00012(another direct replacement), I have a Cloyes Timing Gear cover with removable front face for quick timing adjustments(it has a quick-Cam button for setting cam lash).Anyway, I have not installed the damper yet as I have not adjusted the valves yet. I am not sure where I mark the damper if I have the timing at 4 deg. advanced? I realize alot of you guys could do this in your sleep, but to say that I am losing sleep over this is ridiculous! The #1 Piston is at TDC. Idon't know for sure, but I may have screwed up the last cam by not adjusting the valves correctly. I really need you guys to set me straight........


I don't think it matters if you have her up on #1 TDC.

Slap the damper on her, set the valves close, cold, break her in and then reset the valves later hot, idling right along and you will be good to go!

I hope you put moly lube on all lobes, lifter feet, p/r tips and rocker seats and balls? If so, you are good to go after adding a small bottle of whatever GM is calling their EOS nowadays.

Just break her in and after say a couple of day's DD her, change the oil and filter b/c the moly can plug it.

Might want to cut the filter open to see what it caught?

Good luck,


PS., I always keep the rad cap loose and have a water hose handy to keep the rad full and to spray it down if she heats up breaking her in. And I blip her several times or more after I fast bring her up to say 25 to 3,000 rpm and run for like 15 to 20 minutes to make sure the cam get's a good oil splash at break-in.

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