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another low budget 454...

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hey all. im kinda running around in circles. my 402 had issues so its out of the car. i have a chance to grab a running 79 454 with 1500(rebuilt) miles on it for $500 i plan on changing the stock intake to an edelbrock rpm airgap. and a 780 holley avenger (i already have these parts) not too sure what to do about the cam /lifters/springs yet. but my biggest question is this. do i keep the stock rebuilt 781's? or use my fresh 290's? they have 2.19 x 1.88 valves and have some mild porting, and are gasket matched. im trying to stay less than $2000 for the whole package.
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use the 290's since your on a budget and they have the valve upgrade and are cleaned up. use a thin head gasket to help bump the comp. this should net you close to 9 to 1 comp. you should be able to run a hyd flat cam 230 to 235 @ 50 for duration and 110 lobe sep and say 550 lift. get a split duration cam to help too. you should be able to button it up for way less than 2 grand too imo.
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