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Another CS altenator question

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I've been searching at the 'yards and online for a CS altenator (the junkyard dog comes out
) and I noticed on some HD trucks and vans from GM you could get a 165 amp CS alt.

Has anyone run these? Or is this just overkill from the 105amp version?

I'm running my dual windstar fans, MSD box and an amp for my stereo.

Can anyone recommend what gauge wire to run off the altenator for that amperage?

I'm an ME in training so I don't remember too much from my circuits classes other than V=IR
to save my life!


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I'm guessing a good 10 gage wire should do it based on what you have in the car. Just because the alternator is capable of more current, doesn't mean you will need or use that much.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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