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AN hook-up question.

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Well after spending all F%$%$#%$#%$ing day plumbing my fuel line with 8 AN braided hose, my question is do you guys use a sealer on the AN and NPT fittings? I think I didn't on my last set-up and had no leaks but wanted everyone's opinion. There is nothing worse than trying to cut that damn hose without it fraying, and then putting the nipple on without pushing the hose out. I taped the hose, tried hack-saw, Dremmel, and finally hose cutters which worked the best, but still had some fraying. I'm not so sure how well the fittings are on, but I guess I'll find out when I fire the motor up. I hate braided hose an AN fitings. I'm ready to go back to rubber hose and clamps!!
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I debated using that, but being the stoop that I am, I didn't. I like the looks of braided line and nice fittings. If this all leaks a lot when started, I think I am going to try the push lock.
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