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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited)'s the update on the amp rack install. You can see my previous post for more pictures. Got the Optima Yellow Top wired up with 1ga welding cable for a dual batt setup. Will add the Painless isolator later. Glued down fabric to cover the cable passing thru the trunk lock. Made all new ground cables that contact both the body and frame on both sides. Installed the 1ga power cable for the amp power.

All the panels fit like a charm. Can't say enough about the 3m Super90 spray glue. Good stuff. Installed the front panel first then added the crossovers for the Infinity Kappa 6x9's. The Kappa series speakers come with a little crossover and the speakers have seperate Bass & Treble terminals. Very cool setup. Attached speaker boxes to the package tray and dropped in the speakers. I used both Liquid Nails and bolts to hold the front panel in place. The speaker boxes are bolted on from underneath.

The side panels have "Industrial Strength" velcro at the wheelwell. I attached a small metal tab under the lip of the trunk to attach the back end of the side panel. The amp rack really does most of the work holding them in place. The hardboard is flexible enough that I can still get in there and connect the batteries etc.

The amp rack just slides in. I prewired most of it on my work table so only had to connect the 4-way speaker wires, the inputs, "remote on" wire and the main power cable. All connections that have pins etc were soldered. Added a "little something" to the amp plate just for fun. (see pic) The amps are grounded thru the plate to the body at the differential bump. Note: be careful when drilling a hole in that bump. I didn't look underneath first. Last night went to tighten the ground bolt and guess what!...almost (almost) drilled into the fuel tank breather thingy. Yikes! That woulda sucked....

Still waiting (my first & last ebay purchase) for the subwoofer (Kicker SoloBaric 12" L7) but everything is ready. Just need to drop it in. Everything works and there was music playing while I took the install photos.

So...what's in it?
Alpine 9857 with ipod cable to center console
Infinity Kappa 42.7i in kick panels (4" / 2way)
Infinity Kappa 693.7i in package tray (6x9 / 3way)
Monster 3000 series interconnects
Monster 3000 series speaker wire and Monster terminals
Infinity Reference 7541a 4 channel amp
(111w X 4 @ 4ohms)
Infinity Reference 611a 1 channel amp
(657w X 1 @ 2ohms)
LightningAudio "Strike" 1 farrad cap for ea. amp
Kicker 12" SoloBaric L7 (if it ever gets here)
Stinger 4ga power/ground cable
Stinger HPM 1ga to dual 4ga fuse block
Stinger HPM batt terminal w/digital readout
Optima Yellow Top
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