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amp gauge troubles

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On a cruise the other night I noticed my lites were dim and I found one of the high beam plugs unplugged so with the engine running and the lites on I reached in and plugged the socket back into the head lite bulb.The bulb lit right up but then I noticed my amp meter was pointing dead south!! The gauge seems to work moving when I rev the motor but it's pointing at 6 0'clock instead of 12 o'clock.Is the lite and 6 o'clock reading connected ? Cluster was rebuilt 1 year ago with new circuit board. Any tricks to pop the needle back to the 12 o'clock position? I'm stumped. thanks Nick

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I'm not seeing the relationship between plugging in the high beam lamp and the meter shifting position. Judging from the lack of responses, neither is anyone else. No trick I know of to pop it back up. Since it is reading 180 degrees from where it was, almost sounds like something is wired backwards. Dumb question. If you unplug the high beam again, with the lights and motor running, does it read normal again?
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