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Amp Gauge & Tach replacement....

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I've narrowed down my 1972 Chevelle SS tach problems to the unit itself, therefore I purchased a new 5500 redline tach, along with a new AMP gauge. My amp gauge took a voltage spike last year and since then the needle has been in the 6 o-clock position.

Here's my question: What is involved with the replacement of these two gauges? I know I'll need to remove the dash pad, but can I easily access & remove those gauges, or will the entire dash assembly need to be un-bolted and dropped down or moved back for additional clearance? Thanks for your input!
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You will need to pull the instrument cluster, remove circuit board and then pull the gauges. I think there are 6 or 8 screws holding the cluster to the dash frame. The 2 on bottom may be the hardest to get at. The ones on top you should be able to remove with just the dash pad removed. I just happen to be converting my SS idiot light cluster to gauges, but luckly for me I have the entire dash frame out which makes the access easier. Good Luck!
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