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Amp Gauge & Tach replacement....

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I've narrowed down my 1972 Chevelle SS tach problems to the unit itself, therefore I purchased a new 5500 redline tach, along with a new AMP gauge. My amp gauge took a voltage spike last year and since then the needle has been in the 6 o-clock position.

Here's my question: What is involved with the replacement of these two gauges? I know I'll need to remove the dash pad, but can I easily access & remove those gauges, or will the entire dash assembly need to be un-bolted and dropped down or moved back for additional clearance? Thanks for your input!
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You probably don't need to replace the amp gauge. I have seen these flip over to point in the opposite direction. When you get the cluster out just flip the needle with your hand back to 12:00 oclock position. This is assuming that the needle is still moving just that it is flipped over. If the needle does not move you probably have blown the etch on the circuit board. This also can be repaired with a jumper wire.
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