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Amp gauge help

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Hey guys

I'm putting my car back together,my body guy removed the forward lamp harness and didn't take any pics,car is an original tach and gauge car,I need help with the wiring for the amp gauge
Also could use a pic of the connections to the horn relay

Thanks for any help Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design
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Thanks for the input

It would be a big help on the year

It's a 1970

Thank you
Couple questions
The black with white tracer going to the horn relay
Is it terminated at the same spot as the the black that turns to red with fusible link,it looks like it in the pic

Next question
The other wire that terminates behind the battery,does it go to the firewall as a ground or to the terminal block the battery hot wire goes to

Thank you
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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