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My wife got me a SS emblem for my chevelle wednsday, the simple act of installing it turns into a 3 night fiasco.
1st I bolt the thing to a used grille, then pulled the trashed grille out of the chevelle. Well since I have the grille off I figure might as well install the AC condensor since it was a AC car and all. Of course the latch mech. has to come off and then the rad top plate the the plate that attaches to the latch.
At about this time I figure the core support that in the car is bent in on the side, I found this out when I put this front clip on a couple of months ago. so, since it's apart this far may as well replace that too. So off comes the bumper, brace the rad. and the core support slips out.
Now I install the other core support, condensor, etc. get to looking at the grille, call a buddy, find out he has a spare, cracked but better then the one I have now. throw the SS emblem on it bolt it in. now all thats left is to install the bumper.
Gotta love these old cars, some folks will never understand what we see in them, and why we spend all the time working on them.

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Don't feel bad. A buddy of mine went to replace the heater in his 70 charger and ended up with a new motor, tranny and a list of other "small" projects. That was over 2 years ago and he is hoping to have the car on the road by Christmas :)
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