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am i the first to ever do this?

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i wonder if i am the first to do this? i just put a 71 chevelle wagon rear folding seat in my 72 chevelle coupe!
the back folding part fits right in. i was scraping a wagon and decided to cut the bracket with the studs on it that welds to the floor for mounting the folding back seat. it all fit the same. i still use the chevelle coupe back seat bottom. i even cut the catch and bumpers that mount on the inner fender wells to latch the seat up. i am cutting the metal pannel out that goes into the trunk area, but leaving the package tray because it has speakers and the trunk hinge and all there. this is great! i will have to customise some of the interior which should not be too bad, i am thinking of cutting the station wagon interior wheel well hump covers to make them fit like they belong.
now i can haul longer things in my chevelle and put the seat down to give my dogs a better place to stand when going for a ride. has anyone ever seen this done?
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That sounds pretty sweet, but of course you're going to be asked to post pics!
i will. i ran out of light just a little while ago.
First I ever heard of it.

There was a Chevelle "Hatchback" on the Chevelle Calendar a couple years ago.
A green 72, that looked really nicely done. But I don't know if he'd done the seat thing.

Have you got doors for your pillar-less coupewagon ?
Thats another cool idea, I'd like to see.

I really like the Chevelle "Avalanch" idea somebody on this site had too.
That would make a cool cruiser.

yes i did get the doors, i already did a mock up on a scrap wagon to check fit and measurements before cutting my good wagon.
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this is just a mock up chevelle, i already cut the roof off so i could do this easier.

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Would you be able to flip the rear seat forward very much without it hitting the front seats?

maybe with stock seats you could not?, but i have aftermarket buckets in mine that recline all the way forward and back and they are much thinner so i took a quick measurement and it looked like it would be fine for me. but you do make me want to check again. i will do that tomarrow.
also i was looking at putting a vista cruiser 60/40 split back seat in and that would be so much more work i gave that up. i'll keep the vist split seat for my wagon where you dont have the angled gussets of the coupe supporting the door jam.
it looks like you need 8-10 inches forward of the door jam and up from the rocker sill to clear the seat. i simulated it in the chevelle i am doing this in and i can adjust the seat to clear it. i gues if i dont like driving with the seat up that far (which was not really that far up since i have aftermarket seats which are thinner) then i can just put the seat up and then it is like i never did anything. i think it is really cool.

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i saw that when it ws in the calander. i love it. do you know what back seat he used?
FO_FDYFO said:
i saw that when it ws in the calander. i love it. do you know what back seat he used?
Sorry, no. Maybe the one from the nova hatchback donor?
Very cool idea. You mentioned cutting out the bulkhead between the interior and trunk - isn't that important to the structural integrity of the car?
nope not at all. the convertibles dont even have that pannel attatched to the sides. the metal on a coupe that is between the back window and the trunk lid is multi layered and very structural by itself. the speeker/package tray is allso an added bonus. the panel i am cutting out is doing nothing. i believe it may be there just to prevent things from the trunk flying forward in an accedent and a place to increas sound deadening. my engineering experience convinces me completely that that panel is not needed.
i am doing this mod to my chopped chevelle. i will weld the stud plates in the floor and mount the seat back. if i dont like it when it is folded down because of any front seat restrictions, i will just leave it in the up position normally untill needed down. after i like it i will comit to cutting out the pannel behind the seat. i also intend to cut out the hump that 71 and 72 bodies have for that stupid vaper canister behind the rear seat. i will ,as i already have done on the mock up car, cut the floor hump out and the crossmember that holds the fuel line. weld in a new flap pannel and hook up the gas tank like 70 models did it with no vapor crap. this will give me a bigger opening all the way into the trunk, plus a flat place to attatch the folding panels that the wagon uses to fill over the gap created when the seat is folded down. also the folding floor panels not only fill the gap but they snap into the down possition to hold the seat back pushed flat and down. if it doesnt lock in the down possition the seat will want to be pushed up by the seat bottom. that is hard to explain.
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You wouldnt really have to cut open the rear devider anyways. Some of todays cars have fold down rear seats that do not have the entire space open into the trunk. Some only have one side the opens and some only have a small hole for skis or whatever. You could go any way you wanted.
70ElkySS said:
Very cool idea. You mentioned cutting out the bulkhead between the interior and trunk - isn't that important to the structural integrity of the car?
I don't know how important it is..........but from a performance handling viewpoint, a common upgrade for G-body cars is a rear seat frame brace. essentially a brace behind the seat.

More important for T-top cars...........its used both with and without to help eliminate chassi flex.

Not saying its necessary..........just playing devils advocate LOL.
point taken. in my case i have the chopped roof, so it is a lower span, also do g-bodys have full frames like chevelles? i will be sure to leave corner gussets to provide as much support as possible. wagons have the entire area open, but they do have better roof and post supports. i think it will be fine.
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