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Non original big block, unsure if its an SS etc...
Here is the bid history.
Bidder #2 has 21% activity with this seller.
Bidder #5 has 43%.
Most of these bidders have activity with this seller.
Click on the view to the right of the bidder# to see bid history.
Looks to be a nice car but activity between the seller and bidders makes me wonder.
Am I looking at this right?
Im starting to see where ebay is going with this new format.
Hmmm, I wonder if someone is bidding up the price?

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there are several of those for sale around here, and none of them are selling, and none of them are even close to that price.

i think there is a shill here. his buddies bid stuff up, if he's lucky, somebody comes along and sees all the $ thrown at this thing, and thinks it's worth something, if it doesn't attract an impulse buyer, then all he's lost is the posting fee. good catch.
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