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am I doing something wrong?

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I have a small rip in one of my head rests,so I bought a set of original green ones, my interior is red. bought the red vynal dye from OPG. Cleaned the head rests real good and the sprayed them. They came out kinda matted with no shine to them. Is this correct or was I supose to use a primer?
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Brian, Just a couple of thoughts.....You didn't say how many coats you put on the headrests but that old dry vinyl probably soaked it up like a sponge. Maybe another coat?

Secondly I am not familoar with OPG's brand of dye? Is it made by SEM?
SEM makes 3 different sheens I believe...Landau Which is pretty flat in appearance.
Satin which has a little more sheen to it and I think a gloss which has even more sheen.

The guys at the paint store told me most people use the Landau.....personally I thought it was too flat and used the seemed to match the vinyl better.
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