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Alum. Big Block 0-326711 4 bolt VALUE ??

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It's listed the first motor on as a can am motor and the block is good shape other than 2 heli-coiled holes and needs all new sleeves . I know where this block is and he wants a healthy price , but not sure if it's real healthy and maybe I could make some money . I'm really not sure what it would be used in either buddy said the last time he saw one sell about 3 years ago did $7500 . One guy said it was in the factory race cars and there only about 30 somethin made ??? Thanks , Richard
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Hey , it is the canam block 427 ......guy wants $10,500 .....I thought with its rarity and what the ZL1's are bringin might be cheap compared to a 25-30 thousand ZL1 . Guy on the yenko site says it's the prototype canam block and another guy on the phone , but they won't throw a figure on it . The guy that has it said there is a picture with Grumpy Jenkins having one in his car , but another guy said that they had to run the ZL1 block in drag racing because it was a production block in a car off the line . Thanks , Richard
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