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I installed a new CS alternator in my 65 chevelle and the battery won't charge. I used the schematic in the tech section to delete the stock regulator (connect the blue to the brown, tape the other two wires). The new alternator has three wires. Facing the alternator the first one is fatter than the others. I connected this one to the "BAT" terminal on the alternator. I also connected the red wire from the wiring harness to the bat terminal. The middle wire was connected to the blue wire from the old regulator and the end wire was taped off. Do I have it correctly connected? I have factory gauges with an ammeter, would this change the connections? What should I look for to solve the problem?

65 Danube Blue MALIBU 4 door wagon, 350/330hp crate with 700R4, Factory air, Factory am/fm stereo, tilt wheel.
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