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My wife races a 67 El Camino at the drag race track. I swapped out the water pump and fan for electric units this winter so that the cool down process would be easier for her.

Concurrent with these 2 swaps, I converted from the stock style alternator and brackets to a low mount Jegster bracket and East Coast Automotive super mini alternator.

I run this same combination on my drag car so I knew I wouldn't have any clearance problems.

The alternator is a one wire design and all it needs is a single wire run to the positive terminal on the battery.

Most of this El Camino is running on the stock wiring system, is there anything I need to do with the stock alternator wiring harness other than tape it up ??

The wiring diagram I have shows the main red in the alt. harness running to the battery and the other 2 smaller wires going to the voltage regulator..

anyone got any opinions ?


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That's about all you need to do with the stock wiring to the alternator. However, if you don't have a voltmeter you may want to add an after-market meter. Need some indication that the alternator is working. Cheap insurance.
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