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Ask him if he sits in a lot of traffic in summer esp with A/C on.

The alts on thoses cars are notorious for going bad due to overheating of alt itself,bad design.

The Pontiac i used to have went through 3 alts in 100k miles and my wifes olds also went through 3 alts in 130k and all 3 of those cars run basically the same design alts.

The original alt from the factory lasted 85k on the olds,then it has gone through the 2 rblt alts in the last 35-40k miles in the last 2-2.5 yrs.

Also,there are different lvls of rblt alts,some only replace the bad/defective non working parts,test the rest of the parts,clean it up and resell and they dont last as long as other alts that are rblt with most all the std electrical items being replaced along with bearings too.

If this guy is putting on 15-20k yrly its very possible there is nothing wrong with his car,just the low quality rblts giving up thats a problem for him along with the poor alt that overheat causing premature failure too.

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