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Think I finally have this under the right topic. Thanks to ElCamino I now know that I have a 1966 Olds 55 Amp alternator in my Elky. Posted the question in Tag Team earlier and ElCamino was able to determine the orgination. It was a rebuilt alternator per the sticker on it. Who would have figured a 1966 Oldsmobile alternator (ID 1100733) would end up in my 1970 Chevy Elky? Thanks for the help. Couple other questions come to mind if someone could please answer. Expect to place the questions in this forum.

1.) Suspect a 55 Amp alternator is OK for this car? Originally I believe it should have been a 37 Amp alternator ID 1100834 for the 1970 Elky Custom with no air. Am I correct and is 55 Amp not an issue?

2.) Just bought a new voltage regulator for my car and now wondering if the voltage regulator that I ordered for a 1970 Elky Custom may not be compatible with a 55 Amp alternator since my car should have a 37 Amp or does it matter? Have not installed the voltage regulator yet.

Thanks as always, Steve
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