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Alt. amps?

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I just got a new harness from M&H.. it has the int. reg alternator mod wired in. What alt should I get for this setup.. Also I have the stock gauges what will work with my stock amp gauge +-40... TIA

Jody Sirmans
71 SS454
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Nothing added to the car! It is about 95% restored correctly.. I changed the harness to accept the int. reg. alt just to avoid future hassles mainly. I am just worried about the alt blowing out the amp gauge mainly. I started thinking ( after the fact, as usual) what would happen when I put the new alt on and most of the newer alts being high amps 60+ and my amp gauge reads 40.. or does it matter at all.. since all it can do in my car is run the lights, dash,, no AC or nothing on this car...I should never see 40 even..

just an electrical dumbass on this end.. If I can't plug and play.. it isn't going to work.

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Thanks guys... The M&H is wired for a CS alt. they don't like the SI units for some reason
Hey I just had to pass a couple of electrical courses years ago.. thank god I don't need it to keep my part of the airplane from crashing... I sure somebody else doesn't care about structure and is only concerned with the wires.

Final ? what years is a CS alt from - to?

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