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Well, you can thank $4.00 fuel and steel prices. I just got notice from Air Ride of an up coming price increase coming June 1. So fair warning, if your thinking about Air Ride, you should be thinking about doing it now. Call and place your Air Ride order today.

[email protected]
four zero seven 832 1752 Frank Direct

From Air Ride

While it is not very often that we are forced to raise our prices, a sudden and dramatic increase of 44% in steel prices is forcing a mid-year price increase on June 1. Prices will be raised between 3% and 5% depending on kit size and manufacturing cost. This price increase will affect our suspension components that are manufactured primarily of steel, such as AirBars, Strong Arms, Air Four-Links, and CoolRide kits, ShockWaves, Compressor Systems, AirCans, Billet tie-rod adjusters, and PosiLinks.
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