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Air Cleaner Suggestions for '70 Chevelle

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I've been waffling on choosing an air cleaner/element for my 70. i like the 'stockish' look but i've temporarily changed my 2 bbl 307 for a 4bbl 283 (rochester spread bore carb). Does anyone have recommendations for an air cleaner style? I was thinking a junkyard part unless there are good stocklooking performance cleaners.
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Myself, I like the open element K&N 3 or 5" with a chrome or painted top cover

I have a 3" Edelbrock chrome cleaner on my '70 307. Nice look, and I like the sound too!

Madness takes it's toll, please have exact change.

'70 Chevelle
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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