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Aeromotive street rod fuel pump

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I just installed the Aeromotive street strip feul system and a 20 gallon feul cell
when i truned on the pump it was very loud. I thought it may just have air in the system but i was getting fuel pressure thinking everything was fine i took it for 5 mile drive and it was still very loud when i got home it was quieter, you almost have to listen to it now. Now when I turn on the pump the pump is loud untill i get a reading on my pressure guage wich is about 4 or 5 seconds. Im thinking it is sucking air but dont understand how and why if it is the problem. I have the cell 1/2 full of gas with a 90* pointed down then dropping down about 6" to a 90* wich geos into the filter and into the pump. The gas should be gravity fed down to the pump so i would think it shouldnt have air in the line.

Do you guys think i have a problem or is this normal?
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I just got mine on and going and it is rediculously LOUD!! However, the other day i was low on gas (read: almost completly out) and when I would hit the brakes and the pump would get air it would go dead silent. So it sounds to me like yours is sucking air...but that's just my guess..
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