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Advice with Body Work

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I am looking to start the body/sheet metal work on my 68, but as usual, I am need of advice. Due to the rust on the fenders, doors, and quarterpanels (it spent a long time in the north), to me it would be easier to replace the entire fenders, door skins, and quarterpanels. As I've been browsing some of the topics here, I see where people either replace full fenders and quarters or use patch panels. I guess it depends on the amount of damage/rust where this comes into play? Or is it a personal preference with people? I want to do this right. Any words of wisdom out there?
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if your panels are repairable,then i'd patch them.
in my experience,even the "good ones" like Goodmark can have some pretty serious fittment issues.
i did full quarters on a 442,and a 68 Camaro recently,and they were 1/4"-3/16" different from the stock panels (both directions). this creats A LOT of extra work when making gaps and lines match up,and just getting it to fit and look decent.
I'm not trying to talk down about Goodmark or any other aftermarket suppliers. they are great,and they do their best. But nothing compares to stock sheetmetal.
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