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Advice with Body Work

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I am looking to start the body/sheet metal work on my 68, but as usual, I am need of advice. Due to the rust on the fenders, doors, and quarterpanels (it spent a long time in the north), to me it would be easier to replace the entire fenders, door skins, and quarterpanels. As I've been browsing some of the topics here, I see where people either replace full fenders and quarters or use patch panels. I guess it depends on the amount of damage/rust where this comes into play? Or is it a personal preference with people? I want to do this right. Any words of wisdom out there?
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If repop panels were the same gauge thickness as the original I might be tempted to go with the new panel if cost were not an issue. Replacement metal is really thin. I prefer to use patch panels in order to retain as much as the thick original as possible. In most cases I make my own patches. Even new replacement metal ends up covered with a little glass and filler when it is all done, so you may as well make your own. My .02.
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