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Advice please! 2GC to Quadrajet?

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Patient: 1964 El Camino that I purchased with a stock 1978 305 w/ Rochester 2GC. The 'glide has to go, so I sourced a 200r4 from a 1985 Monte Carlo SS. I also snagged the intake and Quadrajet off the donor car. When I ran the numbers on the manifold and carb it appears they are both 1979 so must have been swapped together in another life. I don't mind the 2-bbl but the TV cable to mate this to the 200r4 is over $200. I got the cable and brackets off the donor so now I have the option of the QJ setup. Again, the 305 is bone-stock and runs great. Any downside to the intake/carb upgrade?
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As long as it's not a computer controlled one.
I assume you're talking about the QJ. There were no electrical connections to it at all. But you just connected some dots for me. I also snagged the accelerator pedal from the donor and there was a 5-wire connector attached to it. I'm thinking the original '85 carb was computer controlled and this wiring was part of that system?
200? should be about $20 or $30. somebody is not treating you well at all. Your Q will already have the right throttle arm. try this ATP Automotive Y-225 ATP Detent Cables | Summit Racing.
Yeah... the "plug & play" aspect of using the QJ was one of the compelling things I liked. Just wondering if there are any reasons NOT to swap them.
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