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adjustable motor mounts

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i need help on this one. i need to move my bbc motor forward about 1/2 inch. it has solid motor mounts. do they make offset solid mounts. any ideas.this is for my 55. i cant get the valve covers off where its at. and the 671 blower also makes it hard to get the covers off. i have to run the tall covers because of roller rockers. maby there is a set of lower valve covers that will still fit roller rockers, i dont know. ill try anything. (( p.s. imakehp you got mail)).
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on my old 55 with a bbc i made my own solid mounts,start out with a flat piece of 3/16" thick steel plate for the block,and weld ears where you want them and drill your holes where you want them,sometime ya gotta make yer own parts,kinda fun actually.......
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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