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Well I recently blew out an intake gasket at the back passanger side. Dumped lots of water right into the lifter valley :(

Good news is nothing was hurt and all is well. . . after 25qts of oil and a few bottles of engine flush with a priming tool im good :thumbsup:

Well I have the engine tore apart intake off heads off and cam out. I am upgrading to roller so I figured i would do a few extra things with the engine apart.

Anyways I came across a thread awhile back (cant find it now) that showed pics of water hoses coming from the back of the intake to the front. I have the rpm air gap that has the ports for the hoses. I have had plugs in them since I bought it. I have also heard that putting hoses from back to front is a great way to add cooling, remove pressure on the gaskets, and remove trapped air.

My question is I have my heater hose going to the port on front pass. and my temp sending unit to the front driver. I am thinking of having the hoses go from back to front and into a tee of some sort so I can keep the heater hose and my sending unit where they are now.

Has anyone done this??? Pics??? All help and input is welcome.

Thank you
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