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AC system size

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I have a '69 chevelle, going to vacuum test the system, I heard you should make sure you know the correct system size so you don't overcharge it, how can I find this information? Also, I'm sure I need about 36oz of esther oil total? I know some needs to go into the compressor, any other specific areas that I should put the oil in to get it started?
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Hah ok, wow good thing I asked about how much oil ;) . The system is currently all stock with the exception of the POA replacement, even has the old compressor and is completely empty. I figured I'd have to put some in the compressor to lubricate it. Then just spread the others 11oz out by putting it in other places? or just put it all in thru compressor, thanks!
I'm actually thinking of doing that. I still have my POA and was going to research sending it out to that place in Tampa, FL to have to fitted for R134. Anyone know how much they charge for a thing like that? I figure it will look more original, and there will be less wires everywhere. However, for now I'm just trying to get the A/C working. I've heard that the A6 compressors (which I'm still using) weren't made to 'cycle' so much. I figure for now the POA eliminator works, and should last for a little bit, right?

Oh yeah, After I'm done all of this, where do I need to get the sticker that says how much R134/Esther oil is in the system? Or do I just need to put something that says its R134 and not R12.
Heh so I got cold air for about 3 min, then the jump tube (metal line from condensor to drier) decided to blow a hole in itself. Guess it wasn't still good after all those years. Can I just get a metal line with the same threads, or do I need something specifically for that replacement?
I did replace the dryer, and did replace the TXV, so I hope there isn't any corrosion in it :) . Yeah just went to local parts place, they have metal lines, but not with the threaded fittings on the end. Perhaps later I might try Home Depot or even...*gasp* Autozone...
It appears I have a leak somewhere in the system. At moment I can't see where, tomorrow I'm going to put some Neon leak detection R134 and run the system, hopefully it will be visible, other than that a few minor wrap ups and I'll have A/C. :)
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