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Ac car to non ac

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My 66 had air and I'm not going to run it now...I plan on just getting a non ac box...what else do I need to do? I know I need to make a couple small panels to block off the holes in the fire wall...what about the
Anger hole to the left that is hidden by the passenger fender....anything else I need to do? Now I was I had no ac vent in my dash! Oh well!
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Don't have any of the stuff. And honestly don't want to mess with finding it' and have all that stuff on the front of the motor...I'm fine with cruisin with my windows down
No kids to sell lol...but i noticed where the blower motor sits on mu cR has tbr big hole where a non sc csr has the small one...what do i do to seal that up so i can just run a blower motor..correct me if im wrong i never tore this car down...
And i wont ever sell it and in Iowa we got plenty of nice days to cruise with the windows down
Found one but what bout the hole the size of Utah on my firewall lol
Looks like this covers it all up....Lil pricey tho
1 - 11 of 17 Posts
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