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Ac car to non ac

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My 66 had air and I'm not going to run it now...I plan on just getting a non ac box...what else do I need to do? I know I need to make a couple small panels to block off the holes in the fire wall...what about the
Anger hole to the left that is hidden by the passenger fender....anything else I need to do? Now I was I had no ac vent in my dash! Oh well!
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As long as you aren't selling it anytime soon, what works for you is cool. But a 66 breeze car? I wouls sell a child to get it to work. In in Flariduh, it is requires three months out of the year if not more.

But OE stuff gets pricey. Sold a complete outside box with a questionable evap last year for $400 at a swap meet. I get $200 for the 69-72 stuff.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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