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I have seen a lot of crazy items being sold over the years, but you have to look at this one. This one really takes the grand prize, ABSOLUTE INSANITY !

I cannot believe anyone would bid on it, but four people have so far.

I love to give home made gifts, which one of the kids would you like?


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I Agree ABSOLUTE INSANITY ! and no gm bag, lol

I think the guy went to the local hardware store and matched up the screws and put them in a deluxe zip lock baggie! too funny!!
You think that one is bad look at this one.,1&item=4584400432&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
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I bet they cost years ago $20 each, lol If we all only knew !!!!!!!!!!what to invest our 401K into back then, lol:clonk:

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It never ceases to amaze me what people consider NOS. Obvious GM licensed colored boxes, no boxes, bags...etc. I have notified sellers of this indescretion, with mixed results. Really, all you would need to do is to get hold of a bunch of empty original GM parts boxes, and bags, fill them with repopped parts, and make 10X your money back on eBay.
It wouldn't suprise me if it's already happening.

The demand for original NOS parts is fever pitch, and many people don't give much thought as to why some of those parts never made it onto a vehicle.
I'd bet that quite a few of the real deal NOS parts out there are factory defects, blems, stuff like that.

I'm at a slight advantage. I can get used original parts, and replate most of them for my 65.

In the case of the screws NOS most likely means "N"ot "O"riginal "S"crews :D.
I could probably get 10 lbs of those at the local bolt supplier for that bid price.
Preying on ignorance is common place on eBay.
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