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About my car.Lets hear about yours!

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I own an unrestored LS6.The previous owner had the car since 1978 and put 800 miles on it then put it up on blocks for 20 years along with a 67 427 vette and 72 454 Chevelle.Quite the dream collection!Anyway this car no doubt was raced by one of the past owners.I bought the car with MT pro stocks on the back(old discontinued 70s racing tires).Has a Hurst shifter and used to have aftermarket gauges bolted underneath the dash.Car had headers but original manifolds and air pump are now on it.Heads were blueprinted back in the 70s due to valve recession. Casting dates on motor and heads check out.All components are correct,Carb,intake,alt,dist,ect.Vin stamping on block pad matches,but engine assembly date is off(See engine assembly date code in tag team)Tranny might have been replaced with another m22.I cant find any Vin numbers on it(see m22 date codes and vin #s in tech)rear end checks out.Car has most of its original paint except for passenger side fender.Car was in a minor fender bender many years ago and the paint dont match.At this time the owner replaced the cracked inner fenders with metal ones.Car is rust free!Build sheet was found under the back,still looking for another one.I dont have any other documentation on the car but this build sheet and a copy of the 1978 title with 39,432.Car now has 40,337.Still has 1979 inspection stickers on it.Interior is all original except for the carpet and radio.The AM radio was replaced with an AM/FM signal seek radio from the 70s.Unfortunately at that time the guy drilled a hole in the quarter panel to mount an antenna.
Options on this car are bucket seats,console,gauges with 6500 redline tach,cowl induction,and 4.10 posi.Everthing is there.Color is autumn gold/black stripes/saddle interior.paint is checking on the stripes.Trunk is spotless with original jack,mat,and spare.Original exhaust was long gone as are the tips.The front bumper is in good shape.The rear bumper is not as nice and the pad is shot.Everthing works and the undercarrage is clean.Car has air shocks in the rear.Planning on doing a frame off but not for a while.The car is a great driver and runs smooth and strong but is far from perfect.I feel relaxed driving this car.If I restore this car to the level it deserves I know I will panic every time I pull it out for a ride!I did a frame off on a 69 L78.2 months later a drunk driver demolished it!I would like to hear about all your Chevelles out there!
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Where did you get that from?

If it were me, I would re-paint the car, freshen up the motor and interior and DRIVE IT!

If you drop $15-25000 into a primo resto, you're going to end up with a perfect car that'll look great in your garage because you'll be too afraid to drive it.
OK, lets talk original. I gave this car to my son, so my son owns a 71 Malibu with 41K on the clock. The car was purchased new by my grandmother and driven by her. The car had 14,000 miles on it in 1990, then my dumb a*# sister started to drive it. Until then it was kept in a garage. It is a 307, 2 barrel, air-condition automatic, power brakes, am radio and vinyl top. The motor has the original spark plug wires still on it, the original spare tire and all the original owners' manuals.

There is no rust under the top and only one small rust spot in the right rear quarter.

I drove it back from St. Louis when my grandmother died, 1000 miles, 20 miles to the gallon, used 1 quart of oil.

In the glove box was the original sales receipt for the car.
I own a 67 Elcamino, L-79 4-speed #matching odometer shows 43K supposed to be original mileage. It is Black with Gold Buckets and console, A/C, Pwr Brakes and Steering. I also have a Hugger Orange 69 SS with Parchment Interior. It has tach and gauges with speedminder, tilt, Aux. Lighting Pkg., am/fm 8-track with 4 speakers, remote outside mirror.
Alot of nice cars in here,,, I have a 70 el camino that i purchased in CA.a few years ago for 1000 bucks, i saw it,i bought it,,,4 days later,i drove it home to chicago,minus the legal paperwork mumbo jumbo it hasnt been out of the garage since.
I did a mild restoration to it,, i should have it ready for paint by july. I'm looking forward to driving it legally

I think this topic should be in the bench racing section.
A high school graduate got my '67 for a graduation present I can't imagine that. What's an SS396 in today's market, like a RamAir Firebird. He put 4.88's in and promptly dis'd the original motor. Apparently he was going to put in a 427. It sat in his parent's garage for over ten years, until the second owner bought it. He pieced it back together ( I've spoke to him at length) and ran a 327 in it. Alas, the '88's did their dirty deed again and the 327 spun out. He decided to bring the car back to near original in 1987. He found a '67 396 from a Camaro, had it pro rebuilt and as the motor was installed in the car, lost interest and sold the car. He sold it for $7000 in 1989 and the third owner put a total of 800 miles on the car. It sat, unused, for over ten years ( protected thank God)until the fourth owner, me, picked it up for $5800. The car is really clean and here in Western NY I 've seen rotted cars, drag cars, and show cars, and not much else. Anyway, it's not an LS6, but once I get the '67 L71 in, it'll be a nice little SS427.

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I would agree with the freshen things up and drive, drive, drive. I bought my 66 Malibu from the 2nd owner two years ago and it was wrecked in the front. I yanked the 230 6cyl and pg. A mild rebuilt 454 is now in its place with a built 700R4. I want to drive this car. I realize mine is not as desireable as a true LS6 car. But if that scares you sell it and buy a driver. My dads car is a 66 SS 396 convertible and when its done if ever, it will be a trailor queen. I know when you drive a classic every one benefits by seeing it and you get the best by enjoying it. With the money I've spent thus far I could have bought a true SS but this car will be the way I did it. Enjoy.

I agree I think our Chevelles should be driven. I bought my 64 El Camino last year. It was in an alley, up on blocks, and had not been used for about 5 years. I knew the owner, 10 years previous I had rebuilt the transmission. Out of the blue he came to me and wanted to sell me the car. I aired up the tires, changed the master cyl, installed a new battery and it started right up. I paid him the $50 he wanted for it and drove it home. My plans are to replace the 6 with a 283 and leave the powerglide in it, rebuild the front end and brakes. Get it painted and drive it. We use it as a spare car now and have put about 5k miles on it and for a 35 year old car it does great. No squeeks or rattles and best of all no rusted body panels, I have to repair the floor from the rear glass leaking ,but even that is minor.
Well now I still have my 1st car, a 65 Malibu . When I got it at 16 it had a 350 Olds. Rocket engine. Flared 1/4 panels . And a lot of ugly. Painted it red, I was the 1st in line at Carlsle to get new 1/4 s . As a kid I always heard people say they wish they had their 1st car. I'm 34 and still do . Blew the olds one night at 20 . Bought a 396 . My father said build a 327 . So I sold the 96 and did a 327 . Put it in front of the M22 . Then 4.11' s went in the 12 bolt posi. Ladder bars and all . It would wind up and pin you in the seat . Drove the car on and off oveer the years ,redid the rear 3.42 . Bought all the parts to pull the body off and do it right . Just can't bring myself to tear it down that long. I keep saying I'm going to drive 1 more time and then do it . Whatever you do enjoy it .
I have a 69 SS396 I bought from the second owner. He bought the car in 1980 and drove it till 1984. He stopped driving the car at 112,000 miles after flooding it really bad one morning before work,he told me after that it began to smoke. He put on a rebuilt carb and the smoking got worse due to the rings being washed out from the flooding a few weeks before. The car was put into storage for 17 years. I replyed to an add for parts for sale in 1990 and when looking at parts asked what he had for cars to sell. He showed me the chevelle and told me that for $4,000 I could buy it, away I went. Over the years till 1997 I tryied to buy it as did many other people,but he was not taking any less for it. As I said it is a 69 SS396 it has the MC1 3 speed stick on the floor a bench seat am radio "no" power steering,california emisions it is fathom green with parchment interior. It is just a basic bare bones malibu with the SS396 option. It had at the time when I was finally able to buy it for $3,000.00 the protecto plate and build sheet the original spare tire in the trunk, and all the numbers match except the water pump and carb. It had never been painted had very little rust, two spots on front fenders at bottom and rear drivers 1/4 had small patch and other side had none. The rear window had very lite rust at the bottom corners. I have it apart now and have resently gotton it painted the original fathom green that looks really good. I have been working on the interior now. I did not do a frame off the car was under coated when new and the frame and complete undercarriage is in excellent shape. I cleaned everything up under the car and degreased it all sprayed a new light coating of undercoat over the old stuff to make it look good replaced the body bushings and will be putting an entire hotchkiss suspension on it minus the A arms. the engine will be stock with a balance and cam and the MC1 3 speed will go back in. I would like to convert it toa 5 speed but only if I can use the original munci shift handle and the floor does not need to be cut. If anyone knows how to do this let me know. It has been a long project but will be well worth it. I plan on driving it alot when done and living in San Diego Ca the sun shines alot so I plan on putting some miles on this Chevelle when it's ready.


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i'm all for fixing them up and driving them too.i've got a 68 ss i got from a used car lot. since then most everything has been gone though. it has the original 325 horse 396 and turbo has some nice options too.
the body has been restored with full gm quarters and much of the trim is new.
you can see a photo of it at
(thanks dean)
it was also shown on espn2 mothers car show series tv program last summer.
i'm going to drive it 500 miles to chevellabration in nashville.
drive 'em if ya got 'em
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