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  • A Proportioning Valve Problem.

    K_: I have a 1967 Chevelle which had all drum brakes. I have put new disc brakes on thefront from a 1975 Camaro and new shoes on the rear. I found in a salvage yard on a 1967sedan the power brake booster, lines, distribution block/proportioning valve complete withmaster cylinder. I have put a new master cylinder. on the unit with new lines. The problemI have is this: I have bled the front brakes successfully, but I can not get the back brakes tobleed. If the fronts will bleed, shouldn't the rears also bleed?

    F_: Re-bleed your rear brake line right at the master cylinder where it exits out the side.You should then be able to finish bleeding at the wheel cylinders.

    DS: When you used the Camaro spindles, you should use the proportioning valve thatcame with the Camaro; then you will have an equal distribution of hydraulic pressure tothe rear brakes.

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