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So I found out and previously posted about my 70 chevelle that I had found damage on the Passanger side A pillar. I got some really good advice that helped me make the decision to find the part at the junkyard if possible, which i did the next day (talk about luck). However I have gotten everything as lined up as possible on that A pillar and I still have the same messurements for the X on the windshield area that I did before. The pass side bottom to driver top measures 150cm , while driver side bottom to pass side top measures 148.5. This looks to be the only measurement that is off. As I have measured from the roof to one of the floor screw holes on each side and they are the same as well as from top front roof to top of quarter where door meets quarter panel. So I am thinking I might have a new roof and the goofballs didn't line it up right. Or could it be I have part of the roof off a donner car that wasnt cut and welded in right? Or that the other A pillar is tweaked the same direction as the passenger side and the roof and A pillar tops need to be pushed to the pass side. Two questions: Does this explanation seem reasonable? And if so how would I square this up? Or where do I begin for this? BTW the rear window seems square in all measurements.
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