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A little more progress on the A26

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Since today is a holiday, and most of us are off, we went to the hanger here in OKC to load up the first engine and take it to our hanger in Guthrie, OK. We got the engine, engine stand and a lot of other misc parts and pieces moved in one trip. We expected to have to make two trips, one for the engine, and one for the stand. But we put the engine up front on my trailer and then hung the back of the engine stand off of the rear of my trailer and only had to make one trip!!!!
Now we have our first engine in the same hanger beside the plane.
Also, I don't remember if I mentioned it previously, but we now have BOTH wings attached!!!!! That is a BIG accomplishment. The next major goal is to get the landing gear installed and get it off of the jacks. Then we can start getting hardware, equipment and mounts installed for the installation of the engines. We can FINALLY see REAL progress now!

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I don't know for sure how many are still flying, probably 20-30. The Commemorative AF has 3 (ours which WILL fly someday, Lady Liberty and Spirit of Waco).
Jim Cavanaugh in the Dallas area just recently bought Hard To Get, which is one of the nicest A26s anywhere.
And there are a few that have been converted to executive type use and are privately owned.
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