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A/C Vent Question

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Sorry for the ignorance, however I ordered one of those a/c dash vent rebuild kits that include the reproduction side, and center vent assy's. When I took apart the housing to replace the center vents, it didn't match the picture in the instructions provided. On the instructions it showed a flap door assy, and a lever protruding from the front of the housing. Mine looks like it was built to have that stuff, but it doesn't have a lever in the front or the flap? Was this just a Monte Carlo option or a different option on the Chevelles? car is a 72 Chevelle Malibu (non-SS)

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My 70 Malibu has the lever to open & close the vent door for both the center & side vents. A 71 Malibu I had did not have the levers.... Not sure what qualifying factor determined which you got.

Thanks for the reply, Eric...At first I thought maybe when I disassembled the dash, the flap door and pieces might have fell out, but then when I realized it didn't have the hole cut out in the front for a lever, came to the conclusion it never had one.
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