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A/C vent louvers need tightening. How?

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The louvers in the A/C side ducts are loose and flop around. Any tips or tricks for tightening these? :confused: I don't want to buy the whole thing just for that. Just need to anchor the stem in the little notch to keep them aligned. If all else fails, I'll just super-glue them in the straight out position.
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I hear ya! I have the same problem. I looked at the louver assembly and it appears as though the halves of the case which hold the blades in, is starting to separate. The resulting gap allows the louver blades to flop all over the place. When I get the rest of my dash apart, I will see if it can be fixed.

Ok, I'm bringing this one back up. I took my vents out of the dash, and i can see the plastic is separated that the louvers fit into, the vent assembly itself is staked/melted so you cant get the chrome barrel containing the louvers out. Is there any way to fix these short of super glue, so the louvers dont flop around? Thanks
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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