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A/C vent louvers need tightening. How?

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The louvers in the A/C side ducts are loose and flop around. Any tips or tricks for tightening these? :confused: I don't want to buy the whole thing just for that. Just need to anchor the stem in the little notch to keep them aligned. If all else fails, I'll just super-glue them in the straight out position.
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I recently replaced all my vents when I redid my dash. The instructions with the new louvers said to carefully cut/pry the two halves of the duct apart, replace the louver (chrome) assemblies and the kit included superglue to put the halves back together again. I had to get some felt strips from Home Depot to glue into the duct to make the chrome louver housings tight in the duct (there was something like felt in there from the factory, but it had rotted away). The superglue sounds kinda' Bubba, but it actually worked great. My louvers look brand new and they have just the right amount of tension to keep from flopping around, but you can still reposition them easily.
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