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I don't post much basically only when i need to know something and some one always answers my sometimes so thank you all.
Now i had some questions on problems i was having timing a engine i bought.My questions were answered here but what i didn't know at the time was
Another guy had the engine built for his car and i bought the engine from him as he didn't need it.
Well the engine builder put a cam in the motor that was designed to change the firing order of cylinder 7 and 4, those two cylinders were swapped in the firing order.
Engine started fine ran a little warn didn't miss or backfire i just could not get the timing calmed down.I finally got the cam card from him looked up the numbers on the cam manuf webb site and that was when i found out about the firing order.Have not started it yet but i am sure i will have a very good running engine now.
Once again thank you to a very nice group of guys
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