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86 dash into 78 El camino

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I have a 78 EC with the long sweep speedo and a fuel gauge on the left nothing on the right. I am looking at buying an 86 parts car that has the round mechanical gauges and the tach space is blanked off but all of the idiot lights are on the right side of the pod . The 86 has no screws in the front and the wipers and lights are on the turn signal arm.
Can I just switch over the gauges into my instrument pod or do I have to take the whole pod and install it in my car?

Can I just install the gau
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You need the entire pod plus the senders for the oil pressure and temp gauges. I'm not sure if there were wiring differences in that plug for the instruments between the '78 sweep panel and that later gauge panel. I can check and post back later if you don't have access to the wiring diagrams.
You will have to mount the wiper switch into the new panel. IMO this is the easiest way to resolve that.HTH<>Bill.

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