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84 camaro rear disc swap

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Ive done a search on this site, but nothing defenitive. if I were to get the rear out of a 84 camaro with discs what else do I need to get from the donor car? and what is up with the E brake? can I use the rotor, and caliper, and mount? is the hose connection metric? are there adaptors available? Any infor would be great thanks Jim
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Jim, I have one of those rears waiting for a future project. I like 4 wheel discs. ;) You'll probably want an adjustable proportioning valve, but you can probably get away with the one on the Camaro. The cars are not too far off in weight. See how it feels first, change if necessary. The E-brake cables, I'd take them. If they're too long, you can still have them shortened to the appropriate length way cheaper than having new ones made, which from what I've seen is about $55-60 each. The axle flanges might have to be turned down on the outside diameter for the rotor hat to seat on the flange. If you have a posi, start the car, put it in gear at idle, on good jack stands, and grind the flanges with your grinder until the rotors fit. Works real good, and cheap, too. :D The lines will be metric, but you might be able to find that the metric fitting is close fitting enough to an SAE tube or vise-versa to swap the fittings on one end of the line so it'll work. I can't remember if I've ever had to do this, but it's worth a shot. Just have to put a good flare on the end.

Let us know what you come up with. Good luck with it. :)
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