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8" wheel with pro-street M/T's

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a local chevelle guy has a blown 68 that's is completely a show car, well ont he back he has these huge mickey thompsons (street tires) tall/and wide, it looks like the car is tubbed but it's NOT, he said he tried 10" rims but they rubbed and with 8" they didn't they look to not be bowed either, anyone else doing this??

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I'm in the process of installing MT ET Streets, 30x11.5x15 onto 8.5 Weld Draglites with a 5.5" backspace.

Did the fitment thing, and looks like I'll need a 1/2" spacer on the pass side due to the GM rearend 1/2" offset to the drivers side (in other words, without the spacer I'm up against the frame on the pass side).

Hopefully, with the spacer I'll be able to clear it (so it looks)......Now, I better check on the tire climb clearance, lol!!!


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