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I have a black leather 78/79 vette steering wheel I want to put on my '69 as the only thing I have for it at the moment is a cheap grant one. This may be still expensive but Im looking at getting the adapter, horn button and mounting kit for a '69 sport/wood 3 spke wheel as it looks to me that the dimentions are the same at the point where both of them mount to the hub. I'm not totally certain though.

69 wheel from year one:

corvette knock off wheel:

Supprisingly at year one the wheel in the second pic is only $99 for a leather wrapped wheel... though this is not the one I have, I got the wheel off a wrecked vette. It has a step where the bottom spoke intersects the flange, but it looks like the '69 pictures Ive seen.

They both look the same at the flange. I want to make sure Im right in this, as its a little more than $100 for the button, hub, and kit. Let me know if Im not clear about something.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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