I'm selling my crank out of my 70 Monte Carlo 454 LS5. This crank needed ground, so I was going to send it to Brewster crank where I have had cranks done before and they do a real good job, but they sold it to someone in Frazeysburg. Crank was sent out and came back and it was ground .020 under on the mains and .010 under on the rods. The crank was wrapped up and properly stored and I pull it out and stick it in and plastigauge it and every main was the same and within spec. End play was .001 over spec and it is an automatic car and wasn't worried about it. I bolt the crank down and spin it and it spun good. Then I spin it slow, and I felt it lightly catch in 2 spots opposite each other. I then put my mag base and indicator on the engine, and I was getting .002 runout. So, I started pulling caps off and I was getting an inconsistent pattern on the bearings. I head to the machine shop, and they said the crank grinding place went out of business. So, we chuck it up in the lathe and what We came up with was it wasn't ground off the centers properly. I was going to take it to another place, but I decided to buy a new one.
Make me an offer on this and it is yours. I accept PayPal and I will ship it.