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73 road runner

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i know its not a chevelle but here goes. 73 road runner, 43k actual miles, original 340, only rust is on lips of quarters. i always liked these cars. i give $1800. i know not that popular but they are getting there. only needs interior work but everything is there. not a challenger or barracuda but nice nonetheless. any good mopar websites? i am going to flip this thing but its growing on me quick.
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They arent worth as much as earlier years, but that is a good price. I like the later body style for some reason. Look pretty mean in the front I think. The back is the part I have issues with. Anyway sounds pretty good to me.
I think thats the body style that Daisy Duke drove before she got the Jeep. That was a white car.
I think your right. They look mean in the front...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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