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72 trunk torsion bars

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I need the torsion bars(springs) for my chevelle, i can seem to find them anywhere. I would like to get them new. i havnt tried any of the local junkyards yet. Any help would be appriceated.:thumbsup:
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Should be easy to find if you have any salvage yards nearby with A-body cars.

I've got a pair from a 68-72 A body that I pulled a while back. Beadblasted and in black epoxy paint...just scuff 'em and paint 'em whatever color you want. I'd probably make you a nice deal on these as I got them for someone else on this site a long time ago and the dude flaked out on buying them.

If you are getting ready for paint, install them and let your painter handle getting some paint on them.

They are sort of you might want to check on any "oversize" charges the shippers (UPS, Fedex) would hit you with.

Try a local careful getting them out of there!
about how much should these cost from a salvage yard? any 68-72 a-body should work?

???? Who knows??? It all depends on your local salvage yard and how they price parts. Some places want to take your head off and others sell stuff for what you may think are "too cheap" prices.

I think I paid $25 or so for the pair I got locally. It's a common part and any of them from a similar era A-body should work.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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