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So ever since my wiring fried last winter and I did an emergency rewiring with the painless kit and about 2 weeks of after work labor I got the car rewired with exception of the dash gauges... I tried every wire combination on the little black wiring block that I could find online! and nothing... I could only get the lights to work on the cluster. So I have an idea unless you guys have any other easy fixes! I was going to make a custom fabricated one using the plastic bezel as a guide and just make my own using the same size gauges. Sounds easier than it probably is going to be I know... My current set up has when I put the key to run the Fuel gauge flips about wildly and when the cars running it goes steady at Full.... the tach I couldn't get to work at all because I had only one connection wire coming from my fuse box and had the other wired to the distributor cap but I couldnt figure out where on the black connector in the back of the dash it goes! So.... any ideas?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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